Beach House Reed Diffuser

Beach House Reed Diffuser

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Enhance your home with a long lasting reed diffuser and create fresh, sun-kissed beach vibes! ☀️ 

Our reed diffusers are made with a 100% natural reed diffuser base along with a blend of clean fragrance oils and pure essential oils that are free of phthalates, parabens, sulfates, and Prop 65 ingredients.

Lasting up to 6 months, they make an optimal choice for those who want to refresh their space without an open flame.

INSTRUCTIONS: Insert 6-8 reeds directly into bottle. For a lighter scent throw, use less reeds; for stronger, use more. Allow a few hours for scent to disperse. Using gloves, carefully flip reeds weekly or as needed to refresh scent. Enjoy! 


Ingredients: 100% Natural Vegan Reed Diffuser Base, Premium Non-Toxic Fragrance Oils, Pure Essential Oils


Safety instructions. Please read: 

Keep away and out of reach from all children, babies, and pets.

Do not ingest diffuser liquid.

Use gloves when handling reeds.

Avoid placing in areas where the bottle can be knocked over.

In case of an accidental spill, wear gloves and clean immediately.

Never place directly onto polished, painted, or leather surfaces.

Accidental spillage may cause damage to materials, finishes, and fabrics.  

Keep away from heat sources, electrical equipment, and flame.

Do not light reeds.

Keep out of direct sunlight.

People with sensitivities to scent should be cautious when using products containing fragrance.

Neither seller or maker is responsible for misuse.

Please always use with caution, follow directions, and stay safe!