Limited Edition Candles ✨
Limited Edition Candles ✨
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Limited Edition Candles ✨

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These limited edition candles are on a very special sale! Enjoy 20% in holiday savings! 🙂 Discount automatically applied upon checkout. Limited quantity available for both scents. ✨🎄

Get festive, cozy, merry, and bright with our new limited edition HOLIDAY scent. We asked what you wanted this season and you told us! With notes of pine, spruce, noble fir, cinnamon, clove, smoke, & eucalyptus — this holiday scent is all things fresh, woodsy, spiced, warm, and cooling! 🌲🪵🔥☕️❄️

HOLIDAY is a limited edition scent capturing the best nostalgia of the holiday season. In a vintage inspired emerald green translucent luxe glass vessel with matching lid that can be re-used as a decorative holder, HOLIDAY is a magical must have scent for the season.

Bestseller TAHOE, (also a warm and cozy scent) is also available in a limited edition amber translucent glass vessel with matching lid. Selection is available in drop down. 

Both scents make the perfect holiday gift! ♥️

Ingredients: Natural Soy Wax, Fragrance Oil

    HOLIDAY & TAHOE are 7 oz limited edition candles with cotton wicks. 

    Candle Care: 

    1. We trim the wicks so they are ready for your 1st use!
    2. Always trim your wick to be 1/4 inch before each lighting (1/8 inch for wood wicks). When in doubt, trim your wicks with a wick trimmer or a pair of scissors to remove any build up. Trimmed wicks ensure optimal candle performance.
    3. Allow wax to completely melt to the edges of the container on every use (to reach a full melt pool). This keeps your candle burning evenly and clean, and will keep your candle from tunneling. This may take up to 4 hours.
    4. Place on a stable, heat-resistant surface, away from anything flammable.
    5. Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time. Cool for 2 hours before re-lighting. Never touch or move the candle while burning.
    6. Discontinue use when 1/2 inch of wax remains to avoid heat damage.
    7. Always follow candle care directions and product warning label safety instructions, use with caution, and stay safe!


    Safety Instructions and Warning. Please Read:

    1. Burn within sight. Never leave a lit candle unattended.
    2. Keep away from all children and pets. Do not place candle in areas where it can be knocked over by children, pets, or adults.
    3. Keep away from combustibles, fans, heaters, drafts, open windows, and plants (the heat can rise and cause heat damage to plants).
    4. Extinguish candle if the flame becomes too high or flickers repeatedly. Let the candle cool, trim the wick, and check for any drafts before re-lighting.
    5. Make sure candle is completely out before leaving the room. Never use candle as a night light or before sleep.